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Xpress Auto Transport is a top-notch auto transport company based in Houston, Texas. We take the utmost care to ensure your vehicle arrives safely and on time. From cars and trucks to vans and beyond we transport it all. Xpress Auto Transport removes the hassle from car transport. Our experienced, professional drivers and top-notch equipment guarantee that your vehicle is secure during its journey. Through our superior service, you can rest easy knowing that your prized possession will reach its destination safe and sound. At Xpress, we understand that your vehicle is important to you. Which is why we provide reliable auto transportation services for any of life’s journeys. Contact Xpress Auto Transport today for all your shipping needs.

Car Shipping Services in Houston


Enclosed Auto Transport

Xpress Enclosed Auto Transport provides secure, high-quality shipping solutions for valuable vehicles. It specializes in enclosed transportation, ensuring automobiles remain undamaged during transit. Xpress adheres to stringent protocols, using state-of-the-art equipment and trained professionals. Offering door-to-door delivery, the company eases the logistical burden of transportation. Its services are ideal for classic, luxury, or exotic cars that require extra protection. Xpress has a reputation for punctuality, safety, and exceptional customer service, making it a top choice for automobile transportation. These premium services, combined with competitive pricing, make Xpress Enclosed Auto Transport a leading name in the industry.



Open Carrier Auto Transport

Xpress Open Carrier Auto Transport offers an efficient, cost-effective solution for vehicle transportation. It utilizes open carriers, the most common method for shipping cars, making it a more affordable option for consumers. Despite the exposure to elements, the company maintains high safety standards, mitigating potential risks. Xpress offers door-to-door service, ensuring convenience for its customers. Highly skilled drivers and advanced equipment contribute to their reliable service delivery. Open Carrier Transport is ideal for regular-use vehicles, making it popular among individual and business customers. With its commitment to punctuality, safety, and customer satisfaction, Xpress continues to dominate the auto transport sector.



Door To Door Auto Transport

Xpress Door to Door Auto Transport offers an unparalleled convenience in vehicle shipping. The service eliminates the need for customers to drop off or pick up their vehicles at transport terminals. Instead, Xpress collects the vehicle directly from the customer’s specified location and delivers it to the exact destination address. This customer-centric approach saves time and reduces logistical complexities. Whether using open carrier or enclosed transport, Xpress maintains its commitment to safety and punctuality. Skilled professionals handle vehicles with the utmost care, ensuring they arrive in pristine condition. Xpress’s door-to-door service embodies their dedication to providing exceptional customer experiences.



Expedited Auto Transport

Xpress Expedited Auto Transport provides swift, reliable vehicle shipping services for those on a tight schedule. This service prioritizes your shipment, reducing waiting times and guaranteeing faster delivery. Whether it’s a last-minute move, an auto show, or a sudden car purchase, Xpress ensures prompt delivery without compromising safety. By leveraging their efficient network and experienced drivers, Xpress meets even the most challenging deadlines. Customers can track their shipment in real-time, providing peace of mind. Despite the speedy delivery, Xpress maintains its commitment to quality and care, ensuring vehicles arrive in perfect condition. Xpress Expedited Auto Transport is a testament to their flexibility and customer-centric approach.



International Auto Transport

Xpress International Auto Transport offers seamless, global vehicle shipping solutions. This service caters to customers who need to move vehicles across borders, whether for personal or business purposes. With a deep understanding of international logistics, customs regulations, and paperwork, Xpress ensures a smooth process. It provides both open and enclosed transport options, adhering to high safety standards. Xpress’s extensive global network enables reliable, door-to-door delivery in multiple countries. The company offers real-time tracking for added peace of mind. Xpress International Auto Transport exemplifies the company’s commitment to providing high-quality, comprehensive vehicle shipping services that meet diverse customer needs.

Nationwide Auto Transport Services in Houston

Xpress Auto Transport, a renowned name in the vehicle shipping industry. We provides comprehensive nationwide auto transport services from our Houston, Texas base. We serve both individual and business needs. Our company’s services include open carrier, enclosed auto, door-to-door, expedited, and international auto transport. Allowing customers to choose the option that best fits their needs and budget. Xpress’s commitment to safety, punctuality, and customer service remains constant across all service types. Open carrier services offer an economical solution for regular-use vehicles. While the enclosed auto transport protects high-value, classic, or exotic cars from weather and road elements. Xpress’s door-to-door transport service highlights their customer-centric approach. We deliver vehicles directly from and to the customer’s specified locations, eliminating the hassle of terminal pick-ups and drop-offs. When speed is a priority, Xpress’s expedited auto transport guarantees quick delivery

For Houston residents or businesses needing to ship cars overseas, Xpress’s international auto transport comes to the rescue. It takes the complexity out of cross-border shipping, handling all customs documentation and providing a seamless door-to-door service. With its headquarters in Houston, Texas, Xpress Auto Transport leverages its central location and robust infrastructure to reach across the nation efficiently. Customers can track their shipment in real-time, adding another layer of trust to the services Xpress provides. From the bustling streets of Houston to any nationwide destination, Xpress Auto Transport delivers vehicles safely, promptly, and with the highest level of care. Its comprehensive services and commitment to customer satisfaction continue to set it apart in the auto transport industry.

Auto Transport Banner Houston Texas

Xpress Auto Transport is a leading auto transport company in Houston. We offer fast, reliable, and affordable auto transport services.

Fully Licensed & Insured Auto Transport Company in Houston Texas

Xpress Auto Transport, based in Houston, Texas, is a fully licensed and insured vehicle transportation company, bringing an unmatched level of credibility and trust in the industry. As a fully licensed operator, it adheres to all federal regulations and industry standards, demonstrating a commitment to legal and ethical business practices. The licensing reflects Xpress Auto Transport’s dedication to providing reliable and lawful services. It assures customers that the company has met all Department of Transportation regulations, ensuring that vehicles are transported safely across state lines. This adherence to stringent federal guidelines not only upholds Xpress Auto Transport’s reputation for reliability and professionalism, but it also ensures customers that their valuable property is in the hands of a legitimate, well-regulated provider.

Additionally, Xpress Auto Transport’s insured status provides an extra layer of security and peace of mind to its customers. In the unlikely event of damage or loss during transit, the insurance coverage guarantees that customers are fully compensated. This assurance is especially important when transporting high-value vehicles and emphasizes the company’s customer-centric approach. The company’s comprehensive insurance protection, along with its compliance with all necessary licensing requirements, positions it as a trustworthy and reliable choice for vehicle transportation services. From Houston to nationwide locations, Xpress Auto Transport stands out for its commitment to ethical, secure, and transparent services. In an industry where trust is paramount, Xpress Auto Transport’s licensed and insured status reflects its dedication to providing top-notch, secure, and customer-friendly services. Whether transporting a compact car, luxury vehicle, or a fleet of commercial vehicles, customers can confidently choose Xpress Auto Transport knowing their valuable assets are in capable and secure hands.


Customers Love Shipping With Xpress Auto Transport

Xpress Auto Transport has distinguished itself as a trusted partner in vehicle transportation, serving over 15,000 satisfied customers. The company’s impeccable track record is a testament to its commitment to providing high-quality, reliable services. Whether shipping a family car, luxury vehicle, or a fleet for a business, customers consistently rely on Xpress for their transport needs. Each customer’s trust is earned through Xpress’s emphasis on safety, punctuality, and clear communication. The company’s suite of services, including open carrier, enclosed, door-to-door, expedited, and international auto transport, cater to diverse needs, making it a versatile choice for many. The fact that Xpress is fully licensed and insured also contributes significantly to its high trust levels. Customers can rest easy knowing their vehicles are in safe, professional hands, and protected against unforeseen incidents. These key elements of Xpress Auto Transport’s operation have cemented its reputation, making it a preferred choice for over 15,000 customers seeking hassle-free vehicle shipping.

Car Shipping Houston TX

Auto Transport Near Me Houston

No matter where you are located in Houston, we make it very easy transporting your vehicle. We have many options when it comes to picking up your car. Xpress can pick up your vehicle from your door steps of your home or business. We also have the options of dropping off your car at one of our drops off locations in Houston. Our pickup coordinator will go over all the options when scheduling your transport with Xpress. Remember to call or book online now for your next transport in Houston Texas.

What Xpress Auto Transport Ships

At our business, we proudly provide exceptional transportation services for countless vehicle types! We specialize in the safe and reliable transport of cars, motorcycles, RVs, boats – even golf carts. Plus we can accommodate all your heavy hauling needs. Our mission is to ensure that each customer’s ride arrives safely and on time every time. Let us provide the ultimate vehicle transport experience – from start to finish! Our team of professionals are here for you every step of the way, making sure that your journey is efficient, stress-free and smooth. With just one call for a quote we’ll take care of all your needs so you can enjoy hassle-free transportation. At our company, we provide reliable transport services across all boundaries. Whether you’re fulfilling a lifelong dream of relocating abroad or simply moving to the other side of town, count on us for safe and timely vehicle delivery no matter where in the world!

Shipping Made Easy By Xpress Auto Transport

Our team of experienced professionals know the importance of taking extra care when transporting special vehicles, such as RVs, motorcycles, and boats. We provide specialized equipment to ensure safe transport for this precious cargo; guaranteeing that they will be handled with utmost security until reaching their destination in perfect condition. With our detailed knowledge and trust-worthy team, we are the go-to for heavy hauling. We specialize in transporting oversized machinery from construction sites, farms, or industrial workplaces to any location across the country or beyond! Our expertly trained professionals understand how important it is that your large equipment arrives safely and on time – which is why you can count on us every step of the way!

Our customers can conveniently track their vehicles in real-time, giving them the peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly where their transport is at any given moment. Additionally, our professional team stands ready to handle all potential questions and concerns along the way for a smooth delivery process. Xpress Auto Transport is the leading expert in getting your vehicle to its destination safely and reliably! Our company based out of Houston, Texas offers a full range of transport options across the United States or even beyond. From automobiles to boats, RVs to golf carts… we handle it all with fast turn-around times thanks to our experienced team aiding throughout. Let us take away any worry when shipping your car – Xpress has got you covered!

Motorcycle Shipping Houston Texas

We offer motorcycle transport services for both private and commercial clients. We have been moving motorcycles for over 15 years, so we know what we’re doing – and you can trust us to do it well!

Are you in the market for motorcycle auto transport in Houston, Texas? Look no further than Xpress Auto Transport!

Xpress Auto Transport knows how much you value your motorcycle and we promise to treat it like our own. Our experienced team of professionals has the knowledge, commitment, and care necessary for keeping your bike safe during transit so that when it arrives at its destination, it’s exactly as you left it! Our excellent motorcycle auto transport services make long-distance moves easier. We offer a convenient door-to-door delivery, so you don’t need to worry about loading and unloading your bike – we’ll take care of everything! Our experienced team is committed to ensuring that your ride arrives safely at its destination with zero hassle for you.

For those seeking an extra level of security for their motorcycle, we proudly offer enclosed transport – perfect for luxurious motorcycles or simply anyone wanting the assurance that comes with transporting their bike in a fully-enclosed trailer. Xpress Auto Transport recognizes that promptness is essential. That’s why we offer specialized, expedited motorcycle transport services to meet your deadlines and budget! Our team of experienced pros will help tailor the perfect solution for you so you can get back on track in a jiffy.


All Transports Offered by Xpress Logistics in Houston Texas

Xpress Auto Transport also provides many other options when transporting in Houston Texas. We do a lot more than just transporting cars nationwide and worldwide. Below are some other options we have in our Houston branch.

Heavy Hauling in Houston Texas

Heavy Hauling Houston Texas

Xpress Auto Transport is the go-to for heavy hauling in Houston, Texas. Our expert team boasts the knowledge and gear to take on even large or unusually shaped shipments with ease. Our heavy hauling services are diverse and sure to meet any of your transportation needs. From construction equipment, machinery or even large industrial items – we provide safe and efficient solutions designed exclusively with you in mind!

Our dedicated team of professional drivers and heavy haulers bring excellence to the roads. With specialized engineering, our customized trucks and equipment give your transport needs extra-special attention – guaranteed! Every driver is expertly trained in navigating tricky routes with those big loads so you can rest assured that your items will get where they need to go – safely and securely.

Boat and Yacht Shipping Services

Boat Shipping Houston Texas

At Xpress Auto Transport, we understand the special relationship you have with your boat or yacht – it’s much more than just a mode of transportation. That’s why our team is dedicated to giving every vessel they handle exceptional care and attention during transport. From experienced professionals who are passionate about what they do, to meticulous detail in ensuring that each craft arrives undamaged – no one takes greater pride in protecting your beloved possession!

Moving your boat or yacht? Let us set sail on the voyage of a lifetime! Our team of experienced sailors will help you make waves with our variety of transport services for boats and yachts. Combining open-air options along with enclosed solutions based on preference, we’ll work together to find the best cost-effective route – so that budget won’t blow up like a stormy sea! Make sure you get where you need to be at lightning speed – choose us today as your go-to navigators across any distance.

Here at Xpress Auto Transport, we understand the importance of timely delivery especially when it comes to transporting boats and yachts. To ensure you get your vessel where it needs to go in no time flat, our dedicated team of dispatchers tailor a transport solution that fits perfectly with both your timeline and budget!

Golf Cart Shipping Services

Golf Cart Shipping Houston Texas

At Xpress Auto Transport, we don’t see your golf cart just as a vehicle – it’s an extension of you. We understand how important these possessions are and work diligently to make sure that they arrive safely at their destination in the same condition as when they left. Our team of experts always puts quality first so that your treasured property gets where it needs to go with no added worry on your end!

At our company, we understand that golf carts are precious cargo – and so you deserve only the most reliable shipping service. That’s why our door-to-door option is one of the best around; it picks up your prized cart right at its original location and ensures a safe arrival at any destination across America! With this peace of mind, there’s no need to worry about loading or unloading yourself – let us handle all transportation needs with care and expertise!

At Xpress Auto Transport, we understand that time is of the utmost importance when it comes to golf cart shipping. That’s why our team has developed expedited transport solutions for those who can’t wait – so your ride will be ready just in time! Our experienced dispatchers are here to help you find a cost-effective delivery plan which satisfies all your requirements and gets you back on the course as quickly as possible. Contact us today for all your Golf Cart Transports.

Recreational Shipping Services

RV Shipping Services Houston Texas

Xpress Auto Transport is the ideal choice for transporting your RV. We understand that this isn’t just a vehicle, it’s an extension of you – filled with memories and investments! Our professionals go above and beyond to make sure every journey safely protects your cherished home away from home. No matter where it has to go, we guarantee its safe arrival in pristine condition – guaranteed peace of mind at all times! Get your recreational vehicle where it needs to go with our specialized RV transport services! With options ranging from open-bed delivery across the country, enclosed protection for shorter journeys and customization solutions for those hard-to-ship models – we’ve got you covered. Take the hassle out of moving your rig today so you can focus on enjoying tomorrow’s adventures!

At Xpress Auto Transport, we never compromise on safety – that’s why our state-of-the art transportation equipment is regularly inspected and maintained. Moreover, our experienced team takes extra precautions during loading and unloading so your RV can arrive safely without any damage to worry about! For safe, reliable recreational vehicle transport in Houston, Texas – look no further than Xpress Auto Transport. Our experienced team is committed to providing top-quality service so you can feel confident your RV will be delivered with care and attention. Get a quote today and see why we’re the #1 choice for transporting RVs across Houston!

International Shipping Services

International Auto Transport Houston Texas

At Xpress Auto Transport, our team of dedicated specialists are here to make your car’s international journey as safe and straightforward as possible. Our commitment is unparalleled – we guarantee the utmost care for your vehicle every step of its long-distance voyage so you can travel in peace knowing that all details have been considered. If you’re seeking stress-free, secure international car transport for whatever the reason – be it a permanent move or temporary transfer – we’ve got your back! We offer two great options to suit different needs and budgets: container shipping is value if superior protection is needed; alternatively, RoRo shipping boasts convenience at an affordable cost. Our staff are standing by to help find just the right solution for you.

Let us handle the paperwork for your vehicle shipment! Our experienced team will work with you to ensure that everything is in order and smoothly cleared through customs. With our help, all of your import/export documentation will be ready so you can get on the road faster. Looking to get your car moved across the world? Let Xpress Auto Transport take care of it for you! Our team knows how to transport vehicles safely and securely, so that they arrive at their destination in one piece. Make sure your ride is always in good hands – call us today to find out why we’re Houston’s go-to provider for international vehicle shipping services.

Things to Do When Moving to Houston with Xpress

Houston Texas

Houston, Texas is a veritable melting pot of culture and opportunity. From its cutting-edge medical advances to significant economic growth, this vibrant city has become an attractive destination for those seeking something more than the status quo. Boasting the title as fourth-largest in America—and biggest in Texas—Houston stands tall among cities across our nation with its unique offerings including thriving industry and unmatched diversity. Moving to a new city can be hectic. However, Houston offers an array of unique and vibrant neighborhoods that make transitioning into the area easier than ever! From Montrose with its renowned art galleries, to Rice Village’s acclaimed restaurants – you’re sure to find one tailored perfectly for your lifestyle preference and budget. Don’t forget about The Heights too—packed full of historic architecture alongside modern conveniences.

Houston celebrates its cultural diversity with a variety of events and activities. Each year, the city hosts the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo where rodeos are held alongside musical performances and displays celebrating many different cultures. Meanwhile, art aficionados can marvel at works from around the globe during The Art Fair or browse books from all genres as part of Texas Book Festival – both showcasing how cosmopolitan this metropolis is! Nestled in Houston is the Texas Medical Center, a world-renowned complex home to 60 top medical institutions and praised for its exceptional patient care. Boasting such renowned facilities as MD Anderson Cancer Center and Memorial Hermann Hospital, this remarkable center demonstrates the commitment that Houston has made towards providing quality healthcare on an international level.

Enjoy Houston Texas

Houston’s culinary landscape is an epicurean delight! From authentically prepared Tex-Mex and succulent BBQ to the exotic flavors of Indian, Vietnamese cuisine – you name it. Foodies will be sure to find something delectable in this cosmopolitan city; Underbelly with its farm fresh fare that pays homage to Southern cooking and Uchi for those who have a hankering for sushi are two must-try establishments. Houston is truly a cultural center, with world-renowned museums like the Museum of Fine Arts and the Museum of Natural Science offering unique exhibits to visitors. On top of this, city dwellers can take in an amazing show at one its celebrated theaters such as The Alley Theatre or Hobby Center for Performing Arts – guaranteed to delight even the pickiest art aficionado!

Houston is a vibrant, diverse metropolis with something for everyone. From world-class medical care to an ever-growing arts scene and iconic Texan cuisine, the city offers endless possibilities to explore! Whether you’re in search of leisurely outdoor activities or just looking for somewhere new to call home – Houston invites all newcomers alike; come experience why our great city shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon!

How Shipping Works with Xpress


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Hassle-Free Auto Logistics Experts

Simplifying Your Shipping Experience

Xpress simplifies shipping with streamlined processes and expert support.

Safe Transport

Nationwide Coverage

With an extensive network spanning the entire nation, Xpress Logistics offers comprehensive nationwide transportation options.

Best Service

Unparalleled Customer Care

Xpress Logistics sets the bar with unparalleled customer service, ensuring an exceptional experience.

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Transparent and Competitive Pricing

Xpress provides competitive pricing for cost-effective transportation solutions. Book online or call today!

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Types of Services Xpress Provides

Xpress Auto Transport offers a wide range of shipping options to meet your vehicle transport needs. Choose from open carrier, enclosed transport, motorcycle shipping, heavy hauling, and even international services. With our diverse fleet and expertise, we ensure your vehicle reaches its destination safely and efficiently, no matter the type or destination.

Open Carrier Auto Transport

  • Cost-Effective
  • Exposure to Elements
  • Versatility of Transport

Open carrier auto transport is a cost-effective method for shipping vehicles, allowing multiple cars to be transported on a single trailer. While exposed to the elements, the risk of damage is minimal with reputable carriers.

Enclosed Auto Transport

  • Enhanced Protection
  • Increased Security
  • Peace of Mind

Enclosed auto transport offers the ultimate protection for your vehicle during shipping. Your car is shielded from the elements and road hazards, providing increased security and peace of mind, especially for luxury or classic vehicles.

Motorcycle Shipping

  • Convenience
  • Safety of Shipping
  • Time-Saving Option

Motorcycle shipping offers convenience, safety, and time-saving benefits when transporting your bike long distances. Whether moving, attending events, or selling, professional shipping ensures your motorcycle arrives safely without the hassle of riding it yourself.

Heavy Hauling Shipping

  • Specialized Equipment
  • Compliance with Regulations
  • Experienced Professionals

Heavy hauling shipping is essential for transporting oversized or overweight cargo. With specialized equipment, compliance expertise, and skilled professionals, heavy hauling ensures the safe, legal, and efficient transportation of your large, heavy items.

International Shipping

  • Global Reach
  • International Customer Service
  • Competitive Advantage

International shipping expands your global reach, boosts customer satisfaction, and provides a competitive advantage. By offering worldwide shipping options, you can tap into new markets, increase sales, and establish a strong global presence for your brand.

Nationwide Auto Transport Services

Xpress Logistics offers reliable shipping solutions to customers across all 50 states. With a wide range of options, including ground, expedited, and freight services, Xpress Logistics ensures timely delivery of packages and goods. Their extensive network and commitment to customer satisfaction make them a top choice for nationwide shipping.

  • Alabama
  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • South Carolina
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Vermont
  • Virginia
  • Washington
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming


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